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I wear many hats as a coach, a teacher, a player, and a Dad. As a motivational speaker, I am able to share with people my perspective and knowledge that provides inspiration and positive action. Sharing my philosophy is what I feel I do best, and I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to join me in an age-appropriate forum as we discuss relationships, how to make great choices, health and wellness, life skills and so much more.

The following is an excerpt of a piece I wrote recently describing some of my philosophies on working with children.

How is a person’s life measured? Is it measured by achievement and accomplishment? Is it how much money one can make when they are older? Is it the level of rank we can achieve with hard work? As a parent of twins in preschool, I hope for the best for my children like all other parents. I want my daughters to get a great education, learn how to be successful in their environment, and become a confident and positive force in our community.

In my business, between sports instruction, after school programs and summer camps, I have developed relationships with over 300 different children of all ages. Each one of them inspires me daily, because they always seem to understand, whether they are even aware of it or not, that their friends and relationships they have formed and are forming matter more than their success and achievements. This is not to say that the success of a person is not important, but simply that the kind of son, daughter, sister, brother, and friend they are, is more important to them. We see it daily when a new student arrives, whether they are the best athlete, smartest student, or simply a beginner, they all have the same goals: to meet new people, and have fun
with their friends.

Our focus is to reinforce the following value through our programs: I believe that a man or woman in this world is defined by their ability to be kind, receive kindness, and open themselves up to others in hopes of making a lifelong friend.

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