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Our Philosophy:


Courts 1on1 Universe is a unique program for children of all ages.  Our commitment to professional instruction is second only to our commitment to a fun, safe, and healthy experience for every camper.  Children at Courts 1 on 1 will improve their skills, but more importantly, they will make lifelong friends and gain confidence.  Our programs provide opportunities for kids to feel like they are part of a family, learn to work together, demonstrate leadership, and much more.


We believe that competition provides great opportunities for both teaching and learning.  Our students learn more than how to handle success and failure;  they learn the merits of hard work, sportsmanship, and perseverance.  We teach students to strive to be their best, as we focus on attitude and positivity.


We are proud to maintain a dedicated, professionally trained, and mature staff.  Above all, each staff member is committed to ensuring that our students have the ultimate experience in whatever program they are involved in.  We don’t get angry at students. We don’t yell at students. We don’t punish students. We don’t get frustrated with students. We don’t give up on students. Our team of seasoned instructors has extensive basketball playing and coaching experience. Each coach is handpicked and trained in a rigorous four week program by Courtney Young based on his ability and fit with our company. As players move through our program, they are matched with specific instructors who specialize in different aspects of the game.


Courtney Young proudly stands by his signature “50-50-50” teaching philosophy.

“I can teach 50 students the same concept in 50 different ways and guarantee that each of the 50 students walks away with a complete understanding of what they just learned.”

We don’t believe in a generalized approach to teaching. Our proven approach maximizes our clients ability to grow while minimizing their chances of developing bad habits.

So no matter what a student’s ability, attention span, learning capacity, or motivation level is, we deliver our lesson plans in a fun, exciting, captivating, and easily understandable way.


The game of basketball has markedly evolved over the past fifty years. While many of the games fundamentals are constant, many have changed. Our innovative curriculum benefits players and coaches ranging from beginner’s leagues to the NBA.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

Simply put, Court Vision teaches students how to see the forest through the trees. All too often we see students who carry the weight of one bad play with them throughout an entire game. Sometimes students don’t perform well on an exam and think that they’ll never do well in that subject.

By helping students understand their experiences on the court in a mature way, they are then able to problem solve and grow as individuals both on and off the court. Through this process, our clients learn the value and importance of sportsmanship, respect, honor, professionalism, and having a positive attitude.


Above all, our programs are fun and enjoyable. Our repeat customer base speaks volumes about our company and lets us know that we’re doing a great job. We really love teaching basketball and our students love learning what we’re teaching. The greatest joy for us is watching students accomplish their goals while smiling and having a great time. We hope that you’ve learned a little about what makes our company special and would be glad to answer any questions you may have.